Scribs and Gigs: A Love Story

The other day, Angi asked me for some more card store stories. This got me thinking about some of the things we used to do, and some of the people I used to be friends with. We didn't exactly work in a busy mall - in fact, in recent years it has changed dramatically and my beloved card store is now part of the movie theater.

But there is one person that I can't help but think of when I reminisce about the good ole days.

When I first started working at the store, I was a senior in high school. I worked at the store for 3 years, and in the course of that time, I broke up with my high school boyfriend and had a string of random guys I hung out with. One being the sailor.

Another being Giuseppe...or as he called himself, Joey Scissors.

The card store was close to mall salon. You know...the one you don't go unless you are desperate, because odds are you're going to get a horrible haircut. The salon was family owned by a big Italian family, and the sons aka Joey and his brothers, worked there.

The first time Joey came into the store, it was to buy a card. I don't think he ever came in to buy a card again. He'd stop by a lot to hang out - like I said, this wasn't a busy mall - sometimes he would bring his niece (I think? Or nephew?) with him because us girls are suckers for babies, you know?

Guys, I was in love. IN LOVE. He was a full blooded Italian, who spoke the language fluently. He would often say things to me I didn't understand, but who cares? It was amazing. We exchanged numbers, started talking on the phone, and hung out outside of work a few times. He told me that he learned to cut hair in jail and that's where he got his nickname, "Joey Scissors."

I was too afraid to ask if he was joking.

About three or four months into our flirtationship, a girl who was working as the receptionist at the salon found out that Joey had a "serious girlfriend back home." Back home being - you guessed it - Brooklyn. Um, Brooklyn, Joey? What happened to Italy? Our love affair was over.

I power walked the mall 4 times to blow off steam. I changed wall displays in one day, instead of taking the entire weekend to do it. When he called and asked me to hang out, I said I was busy.

I never confronted him about it. And I'm pretty sure I still made out hung out with him more time before I stopped answering his calls all together. At this point, he had opened his own barber shop and was no longer working in the mall. I never saw him again.

Until yesterday. When I Facebook stalked the shit out of him. Let's just say that I dodged a bullet.

A big, fat, bullet.

I guess this post wasn't so much about the card store, but I love talking about the guys I used to hang out with. Have I ever told you about Bookstore Boy? Just you wait for that one.

Have a great weekend! I won't be here on Monday, but check back Tuesday for something special.