Selfies are tuff stuff. How do (some of) you guys do it every single day? Don't your arms get tired?

Most of you know that I got banged last night, and some of you requested I send you pictures. I'm sorry to say that the only person I sent a picture to was Shay - she has disappeared from Blogland and she broke up with Facebook yesterday, too. So, I have to send her daily pictures of myself to make sure she still remembers my face, you know?

I also sent the picture to Sam, since she decided to be real cool and move away. Yes, she moved in August. No, I'm not over it yet.

I figured I would take a photo of myself while I was getting my hair done. That seems simple enough, right?


When I got home, I tried again. This didn't seem right either...
Nothing says, "Get a life!" like a selfie in your bathroom. Also, those glasses are fake. I swear I wear real glasses, but I'm going to be getting different frames and I think I want ones like that look like these. What do you think?

At this point, it was late and I was getting hangry (hungry + angry). I decided to snack on Nico.

What's your recipe for the perfect selfie? Narcissism + alcohol? Kidding! But seriously.