HBO Ruins Me.

Last night, Jes sent me a text message saying that she couldn't believe the last new episode of Girls was about to air. I couldn't believe it either, since I had no idea it was the season finale (!!!!!!!!).

Just like that.

Without a call or even a text from Lena Dunham. What a bitch.

Jes and I agreed that this season was all over the place, and even though there were some great quotes, it was not what I wanted it to be. Where the hell did Jessa go? Why did Hannah spend that one random day (weekend?) at that guy's house and then never mentioned it again?


I will say one last thing about Adam - I'm officially in his fan club. It might have something to do with this picture. Such a baller, you know?

In other HBO news, I started watching season one of The Newsroom for the third time over the weekend. Is it wrong to say that I'm slightly attracted to Jeff Daniels? I think it has to do with his character's personality on the show, because it's hard not to imagine him like this:

But now look at him - can you blame me?

If you don't watch this show, play catch up. Season two starts in June.

Guys, I have nothing else for you on this fine Monday morning. How was your weekend?