10 Random Thoughts.

1. Remember when Reese Witherspoon was arrested over the weekend? I can't stop laughing.

2. I'm phlegmy. And that's gross. And now you know.

3. I'm also ovulating. So it feels like there are 100 little chipmunks chewing at my insides.

4. Those chipmunks are all holding 100 little balloons. Ugh.

5. I love my haircut.

That red line might be slightly exaggerated.

6. I'm addicted to Snapchat and completely over Instagram.

7. I'm also over RHOC. 

8. But I'm in love with this gif (ahem, Kelsey and Michelle, you will be too):

9. Enter comment about the cold weather happening in NY lately.

10. Yesterday started off like any other Monday, but by 10am I had plans to meet this lady in August, while drinking margs and going to a Tim McGraw show.  115 days!

How have you been?