Feed me.

I've been in a food rut at my house and it's starting to upset me. Typically, I love to go home after work and cook - it's therapeutic and I enjoy doing it.  But lately, I haven't been in the mood to cook and I think it's because I need some new recipes.

Even Pinterest is letting me down lately. I just don't think this looks appetizing, do you?

No, it looks like a vagina. I'm sorry, but it does. Maybe one with a yeast infection.

I bought a Family Circle magazine the other day (and immediately felt like my mother) because the cover featured crockpot recipes. The pictures were making my mouth water, but once I got home and realized how many ingredients were in each recipe, I was pissed.

I'm not buying liquid smoke...I'm just not doing it.

So, here's what I need from you - easy recipes with simple ingredients. Also, no fish, okay? And it doesn't have to be all organic and healthy; I'm not a food snob like that.

Any ideas? Please and thank you!