I don't know about you...

What I've been up to aka drinking a lot.

Remember when I used to be a blogger?

Oh, me either.

I'm not apologizing for being MIA, because my life has crazy and work has been crazy, and I've been fighting the urge to crawl under my covers and sleep for the next three to five years.

Let's just say my quarter life crisis is back in full swing and I consider playing in traffic a lot.

But I'm going to focus on the one positive thing happening right now, and that's the hair appointment I have scheduled for this evening. I wrote this post a couple weeks ago, and said I would be updating you about what style I'm considering.

Well, that never happened.

But you know what did happen? I downloaded "22" by Taylor Swift and have been playing it non-stop.

Remember when I hate Taylor Swift?  Now I'm eating my words.

How have you been? I promise (maybe) to be back tomorrow with something fantastic.