The Root of the Issue.

Don't hangout with me on Google+ ...I will stare at my roots the entire time.

I'm having another hair crisis.

I know - doesn't it seem like I'm having one every few months? Well, I am. First it was the cut, then it was the color, and then it Oh, and who could forget the bangs?

Thankfully, red never happened...but here I am, about two months since my last hair cut, and I need something different. I need a change, you know? And since I'm pretty set on staying blonde, that means I need to mix up the cut again.

But what...but what...

I looked at my hair board on Pinterest but I've looked at some of those pictures a million times. I've even taken one picture of Nicole Richie to THREE different stylists and no one has gotten it right.

I'm calling today to make an appointment, and I know I will have to wait a couple weeks before I can get in. So, until then, I might be posting some pictures and asking for your opinion, okay? Okay.

What do you do when you're having a hair crisis?