Day Fourteen

Aww, thanks John.
Let's see...10 things that make me really happy.

1. Finding an appropriate gift or card to give to someone for their birthday, or any holiday.

2. Having someone remember how to correctly spell - or pronounce - my name. Guys, I get it. My mom threw a curve ball when she spelled my name with an "i" instead of a "y" but my name is not THAT difficult, okay? Thanks.

3. Having a DVR full of good shows to watch, and having all the time in the world (or day) to catch up.

4. A good hair day. Who doesn't love that?

5. Finding a new recipe, trying it, and loving it. Nothing is worse than a kitchen disaster.

6. Being able to sit around and bullshit with friends. Of course, having a beer or two at the same time doesn't hurt, either.

7. Spending an entire day in bed, watching movies or shows, and not feeling guilty about it.

8. Getting mail (hint, hint, hint). And I don't mean gifts, I just mean cards. Having a piece of mail that isn't a bill makes me happy, and I'm sure you can relate.

9. My family. See also: this kid...

10. Blogging. Or, more specifically, you guys. You don't have to read or comment, but I appreciate everyone who does. And knowing that I have concrete plans to meet some of you, makes me so incredibly happy, I could cry.

Or not. Because I don't do that. But I would if I could.