Day One.

Disclaimer: Participating in this whole blogging every day in May challenge was not my idea. Shit like this requires two things - commitment and follow through. If you know me, you know I'm terrible with both. But a close friend begged asked nicely, and after initially saying no, I finally agreed. I'm trying to make 26 be about trying new things, you know? Oh, whatever. Here it goes.

How to sum up my life in one word? Shades.

Life Story in 250 words. No really, 250. No more, no less.

Friday morning. Late September. It's a girl, finally (you are welcome). Childhood full of steady family life (which I will be forever grateful for), laughter, scraped knees, chasing fire flies, summer days spent with cousins, and trying to be cool enough to hang out with my brothers and their friends.  High school. Oh, high school. Full of school dances, AIM chats, chasing after boys, umm, making out with boys, girl fights, and lots of wishing I could be anywhere but here. College was a blur. A fun blur. A good blur. A blur of drunken nights, and trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up. Oh wait, was I supposed to know that already? Insert first desire to blog here. Early 20s were the best and the worst. Best because of new friends and quick romances. Worst because of death and oh yeah, that fear of the unknown. Post grad life? Let's not talk about it. Lots of, "Why can't I find a job?" mixed with, "I don't even know what type of job I want." Insert finally starting a blog here. Quarter-life crisis arrived right on time at the oh-fuck age of 25. More drunk nights. "I still feel like I'm 19." You're not. Lock it up. Let's not forget about my sweet, sweet addiction to the evil better known as NyQuil. Here and now. 26. Golden year? First 6 months were not so great. Second half? We'll see. The verdict is still out.