Day Six.

I can tell you one thing I don't do, and that's comment on your blogs over the weekend.


I've been told by a few different people, on more than one occasion, that I need a hobby. Apparently watching reality TV and doing laundry are not considered that productive. Whatever - I can tell you all about every housewife, while sitting in clean clothes, any damn day of the week, mmmkay?

Here's a list of what I do while I'm not working (or while I'm working, who are we kidding)...

1. Make lists. I love to make lists. I also love to forget them on the counter when I go to the store.

2. I love to read, but have been slacking in that department lately. I blame my iPad and the HBO Go app. I just started season one of Entourage yesterday. Call me never. I'm going to be a while.

3. But I really do love to read!

4. I go on Justin Timberlake shopping sprees.

5. I have Katy Perry dance parties.

6.  I play bocce. Yup, in an official league. No, I have no idea what I'm doing.

7. I take selfies and send Snapchats like it's my fugging job.

8. I take afternoon naps on the weekends.

9. I ask for new recipes, but continue using old ones.

10. I bake things and don't eat them.

11. I talk about ovulation.

12. I also love to do all of these things.