Day Twenty Two: Part One.

I think some of my best rants have been sent to Michelle. However, I'm not posting any of those here.

No, instead I'm going to rant about people who don't have manners. This rant is weak, because I'm not really feeling "ranty" right now. But when I do feel ranty, I look like this:

Moving on.

I hold the door for people. I always say please and thank you. I am always nice to waitresses/waiters, even if they mess up my order. I somehow find the ability to social smile, eventhoughIhatedoingit.

So, why is it fucking impossible for some people do the same?

I was in Subway last week on my lunch break, and the two people ahead of me were being assholes to the people working there. Not directly saying anything mean, but being condescending and extremely short. Now, maybe they were having a really bad day...maybe they were fighting with each other (they looked like a couple) and were too pissed off to be in public...who knows.

All I know is that I felt so bad for the people working there, I made sure to say please and thank you as many times as possible, and smile my cold little heart out, and tell them to have a great day, and smile again.

Listen. I've had some shitty days lately, and while I've tried to spend most of them at home, so I don't take my mood out on anyone, I can't always be a hermit. No matter how mad or upset I am, I can't take it out on the people at Subway, you know?

I get it. There will always be assholes. There will always be people who treat others like shit because they are having a bad day, or at bad week, or whatever. So, when I hold open the door for someone and they don't say thank you, I make sure to say, "YOU'RE WELCOME" as loud as I can.

So, maybe I'm the asshole.

End rant.