Day Two.

Today's topic is to educate you on something that I know a lot about ...or that I'm good at. Guys, this is comical. I know a lot about a little. A jack of all trades, but a master of none. I think? I don't even know if that's the correct saying. Shit.

But there's one thing I'm good at - or at least I like to think that I'm good at - and that's ignoring people. I've said before that even if I like you, I will probably ignore you from time to time - just to keep you on your toes, you know? I don't want anyone getting too comfortable around me.

Let's break this down into two categories:

1. Ignoring people you hate.

Well, shit...this is my favorite thing to do. When you see someone you hate, don't immediately turn around and walk in a different direction - that's what they want! Just look at them for a second - and by "look at them" I mean, look through them. Maybe even squint your eyes a little. Basically, you want to achieve a facial expression that says, "Hmm, you look familiar. I can't place you, and I really don't care to, either."

It really bothers me when someone doesn't remember who I am. So just imagine how this person feels when you give them a quizzical look and then continue about your business.

2. Ignoring people you haven't seen in a while, but don't feel like catching up with.

I speak to about 2 and half people I went to high school with, which makes living in a small town extremely difficult. The key to avoiding a run in is to always be a moving target. You're going into the store to pick up chocolate milk and sour gummies for another adventurous Saturday night on the couch? Make haste! Rush around the store like you're on the the Amazing Race and you were just given a road block. Avoid corners and long lines.

If you happen to get caught, say a quick hello, then announce you have a child/pet in the car and you have to go. Well, in my case, I would never say one would believe me.

I hope this helps!