Day Twenty Five.

A Grey's reference. You're welcome, Shay.

About five years ago I was out at a bar with some friends (fucking. shocking.) and I somehow got into a "life conversation" with this one girl. A girl who has since said she does not like me. So, maybe I shouldn't even be discussing this, but I'm going to.

Here we go.

She said, "No matter what, you are always composed. Even if you're mad, happy, sad, drunk, keep your shit together. You're always in check with your emotions."

I wish I could say this was nice to hear, but that would be a lie. Do I agree with her? Absolutely. But the reasoning behind why I'm composed, why I'm "in check", is because I think showing any sign of emotion or vulnerability is a weakness.

I know it's not. I know you're a better person than I am if you can be vulnerable. I'm working on it.