Day Twenty Four.

#1 worst trait. Oh, I'm just kidding.
My top 3 worst traits:

1. I'm terrible with commitment. Commitment as in...relationships. Not commitment as in, hey, let's go get drinks next week. Because I'm 100% okay with that. I know that "they" say when you meet the "right one" everything falls into place. Meh. I live my life with one foot out the door, with everyone at an arm's length. Not the best, I know.

2. Just saying yes or agreeing with someone, even if I know they are wrong/don't know what they are talking about. Sometimes, I can't stand listening to people talk. I just (clap) don't (clap) care (clap). So when they are talking about something that I'm not familiar with, I will just pretend like I know what they are saying, instead of interrupting them, and asking them to explain. That just means more talking, and I don't feel like dealing with that.

3. Not asking for help. Well, I can't say that for everything - I will always, always ask for help at work when I need something. But when it comes to my personal life? Or when I'm overcome with those stupid things called emotions, and don't know what to do with myself? I don't ask for help when I should.

I hope we can still be friends.