I'm stealing these prompts from Jac - who actually did them as part of a link up. But I'm done with link ups for the rest of my life ...or at least a week.

[currently dreaming about] A haircut and some highlights. Can someone remind me to call and make an appointment on my lunch break today? Great. Thanks.

[currently wishing for] My fingers to start working. Apparently 3 days away from a computer, and my brain has forgotten how to type.

[currently loving to wear] Floral prints, bright colors that don't match, high heels, see-through shirts, etc. omgiamkidding. Black. I'm currently loving to wear black ...duh.

[currently listening to] In this exact moment, I'm not listening to anything...however, I've had a live Coldplay CD on repeat in my car, and I downloaded their live album from last year and have been listening to that a lot, too. It's almost like being at their concert...almost.

[currently watching] In general, I watch too much TV so I've been trying to cut back. However, I still have a show on almost every night (RHONJ, Mad Men, RHOC, Awkward, Girl Code). When I'm not watching something on TV, I'm watching Entourage on my iPad. It's a problem.

[currently reading] Just started Bossypants yesterday! I'm pretty sure Kelsey was going to revoke our friendship card unless I read it.

[currently spotted] 

Back in the office. Oh...gross.

[currently loving] My new chair (which bitches are fighting over already), how sweet my nephew has been lately (he wouldn't give me hugs or kisses for a few weeks, the nerrrrvveeee), and of course, that summer is finally here.