Family Photos.

There is a frame that hangs on the wall behind my parent's kitchen table. I gave them this frame a few years ago for their anniversary. It says "Family" in the middle, and there are spots for 10 pictures to go around it.

There is a picture of my parents together. There is a photo of my brother and his wife, and one of my other brother, his wife, and the nugget.

There is a picture of my grandmothers and aunt. There is a picture of my mom with her siblings, and a picture of my father with his.

There is a picture of our dog, Misty, who died two years ago.

There's one of my puppy nephews, Baxter and Toby. There's one of my kitty nieces and kitty nephew.

But what about me, you ask? Don't I have a picture in this frame? Well, it would only be right since I'm the one who bought it for my parents to begin with.

I did have a picture. A picture with someone who is no longer in my life, therefore that picture was removed and the spot has been empty since. Yesterday morning, my mom said to me:

"Why don't I come over to your house later and take a picture of you with one of your cats so I can put a picture of you back in the frame?"

My reaction was a mix between this:

And this:

I draw the Crazy Cat Lady line here, Mom. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need a drink.