Whatever Wednesdays, First(s) Edition

Hey guys, and welcome to the first ever Whatever Wednesdays. A little non-link up, link up that Shay and I decided to do after we were left uninspired following the end of the Blog Everyday in May Challenge.

For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, get the hell out of here let me explain. Each Wednesday from now until 2020, or whenever, we will be discussing a different topic and we would love for you to join in on the fun. The topic each week will either be decided by one of us, or we'll ask you for some ideas. Because this isn't a ditactorship, although I would like it to be.

Just kidding...that's a DailyGrace quote. Get on my level.

It's only appropriate that the first WW topic is, well... "firsts" ...so I'm going to tell you about the first time I had sex. Uhhh, just kidding, Mom. I'm totally a virgin, because I'm not married, and all that jazz.

Instead, I'll be discussing the first time I ever had my hair highlighted.

I was 15, and puberty had been hanging around for about 4 years. And by puberty, I mean, ROOTS. If you're not a blonde (cough SHAY...double cough TIFF) then you have no idea how important it is to have a standing hair appointment every 6 weeks to keep your roots in check.

I spent the night before my first highlight appointment giddy with excitement, unable to sleep.


Yes, 15 years old, and drunk as all hell. I stayed at my friend's house, and was picked up bright and early by my mother, who was so excited that her little girl was all grown up and getting pampered like a lady. And apparently, drunk like a sailor, too.

Hungover wasn't even the word for it. I was too young to know how to pace myself, or that going to bed without a few Advils and a huge class of water would ultimately result in feeling like death.

My first mistake was agreeing to an early hair appointment, my second was agreeing to the cap instead of foils. Oyyyyy. Always choose foils, my fellow blondes, always.

After my head was poked and prodded for about 20 minutes, I switched chairs so that my mother could get her head worked on while mine was "cooking." And that's when it hit me... I was most definitely going to puke.

I tried to be sly about it. I was nervous to move too much, so standing up and walking to the bathroom was out of the question. I quickly grabbed the towel that was around my neck and "coughed" aka threw up into it. Real classy like...

I tossed the towel into a pile and hoped no one noticed. I somehow made it through the rest of the appointment without throwing up again. My hair looked better than I felt, that's for sure.

Now, time for some housekeeping...

If you're participating in this first ever Whatever Wednesdays, please feel free to grab this semi-serious button for your post. Shay informed me that one of her favorite movies is The Addams Family (first one, not second) (second is better, I think) so I am dedicating this button to her.