Whatever Wednesdays: Second Edition

Welcome to the second week of Whatever Wednesdays...where we like to keep things exclusive. We're giving in to a link up, but we're still keeping our topics hush hush. If you'd like to join in on the fun, email whateverwednesdays@yahoo.com and get your name on the list.

Like some of you, I received an email from Shay Sunday afternoon with the game plan for this week. I believe my reaction to the "first kiss" topic was something like:

Because I honestly do not remember my first kiss. WHAT. I know. That might make 12 year old Alissa a bit slutty, but I'm okay with it. There are two scenarios that I can remember (yes, with two different guys, shush your mouth) but I cannot remember which one happened first.

Since one kiss was HORRIBLE, I'm going to say that wasn't my first kiss, because a first kiss is supposed to better than horrible. Just like the first time you have sex, you know? It's supposed to be great. Oh, that's a joke and a half. I'm looking at you, Anastasia Steele.

So, I'm going to go ahead and say that my first kiss was with none other than Kelsey's cousin, who just so happened to be my middle school boyfriend. Swoon. I loved this kid. And I could kick myself for cheating on him and forever ruining my chance to spend every holiday with Kelsey.

Ha, I'm kidding. He dumped me. Twice.

Anyway, cue Mariah Carey's "My All" and me in my 7th grade glory, also known has frizzy hair and cargo jeans.  We were at a middle school dance at a local community center and somewhere between pretending to make small talk and hoping none of my friends were watching me, it happened.

But instead of fireworks, all I could think was, "We're still slow dancing...going in circles ...kissing...oh my God, motion sickness. Oh my God, I'm going to get sick." But soon, it was over, and I was finally in the MO Club. Um, the "Make Out Club" for you prudes.

Make sure you link up over here so I can read about your first kiss and try not to make fun of you.