Best of You.

We've all had someone say to us, "I just want what's best for you." Teachers say it to students. Parents say it to their children. Friends say it friends. It's a common expression that everyone uses.

But more often than not, we don't go after what's best for us...instead we settle for what's good enough.

A good enough grade, even though you could've studied harder and done better. A good enough job, that pays the bills, but will never fulfill you. A good enough partner, because you're tired of looking for someone better, and what if someone better doesn't come along?

When did we stop wanting what's best for ourselves?

I started off my 26th year wanting a change. After months of trying, I finally found a new job. After over a year of going back and forth, I finally decided to let go of people in my life who weren't right for me. I guess, without even realizing it at the time, I chose to not settle for what's good enough, and instead go after what's best for me.

It hasn't been easy. Or always fun. Or always felt like it's the right thing.

But I just have to hope that it's worth it. Because I deserve what's best. We all do.