Oh, hello, my fair readers. I was drawing a blank on what to post about today, but then I read Michelle's post and was inspired. Here we go...

Lately I've been trying to keep myself as busy as possible. Last week I had something planned almost every night, and this week is no different. Monday night bocce, Tuesday night hair cut, Wednesday night spin class... busy is making me happy. It feels good.

Lately I've realized that I'm dependent on my iPad. That thing is with me wherever I go, and I'm constantly watching videos on it. Between YouTube and HBO Go, I'm in love. I spend my lunch breaks watching old Daily Grace videos, or catching up on shows like Veep or Vice. If you haven't watched these shows - do so, immediately.

Lately my crush on Jeff Daniels has gotten out of hand.

I mean... come on.

How was your weekend? Do anything exciting? Happy Monday!