Whatever Wednesdays: Sixth Edition

Oh, you.

We're back with another edition of Whatever Wednesdays. This week's topic is - Confession: What Do You Spend Too Much Time Doing. And, since I'm all about honesty here on the blog, I figured I'm going to be straight forward with you...

I spend entirely too much time being "plugged in."

What does this mean, you ask? It means that I'm always trolling the interwebs - be it here in Blogland, or on Twitter, definitely Pinterest, sometimes Facebook, and let's not forget YouTube.

However, it's not just the time I spend on a computer, it's also the fact that my phone is near me 24/7. So let's add Instagram, Snaphat, and (ughhh) text messages into the mix.

Don't get me wrong, I'd prefer to text than to talk to someone on the phone, but it's getting out of control. Since everyone knows that my phone is always with me, I get the, "Hello? Where are you?" texts if I don't answer RIGHT AWAY.

I hate it. I especially hate it when someone texts me while I'm at work or after 10pm. Let's be clear - my bedtime during the week is 10pm, so please do not expect a response from me if you text me after that. Also, if you do, I will see it when I wake up the next morning at 7:30, and since I won't want to text you that early, I'll probably forget to respond.

Here's the problem - I love being "plugged in" during the week. It's how I stay in touch with you guys, and I'm always guaranteed a good laugh when I'm involved in a group email (I'm looking at you Tiff and Kelsey). So please, don't stop the tweets or emails!

But I'm making a conscious effort to "unplug" on the weekend, or when I'm hanging out with people IRL. I don't tweet as much, I stay away from blogs, and I only check Instagram 1 or 2 (or 25) times a day. When I spend time with one particular person, I've made the recent decision to keep my phone in my bag the entire time. Sadly, that means no more drunk Snapchats.

What do you spend too much time doing? Make sure you head over to Shay's place to link up.