Whatever Wednesdays: Fifth Edition

Welcome back, you crazy monkeys, you. This week's topic took a serious turn, and you can blame me for that. Most of my posts - okay, all of them - tend to be lighthearted or funny, because that's how I am 99% of the time. But I told Shay to hold me to a serious post, so here it goes...

My biggest heartache is not a failed relationship. Actually, all of my past relationships have made me stronger and have helped me realize what I want out of future relationships. I have no complaints.

My biggest heartache would have to be losing my great-grandmother this past February. I don't think I ever mentioned it here on the blog because it was too difficult to talk about. It still is, so this post is going to be short and sweet.

She was, hands down, my favorite person in the entire world and she is missed every single day.

Her holding my grandfather when he was a baby.

(I wrote this post last year for her birthday. Check it out.)

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