Whatever Wednesdays: Fourth Edition

Welcome to another week of this Whatever Wednesday business. This week we're talking about girl code - no, not the TV show - but what the term "girl code" means to us on a personal level. What does girl code mean to me, you ask? Well, that's simple...

I get it...you like your boyfriend. That's great. And I probably like him (or at least pretend to). But when I say, "Let's grab dinner and drinks next week!" that's not an open invite for him to tag along.

I have a big ole pet peeve with girls who cannot separate themselves from their boyfriends. It's disgusting. How does one spend all of their time with the same person and not kill them? I'll never know. I think we're all capable of spending a few hours away from our significant others, am I right?

Now, before you get all huffy and puffy because I'm single and you probably think I'm miserable, just know this... when I was dating my ex-boyfriend, he knew that Thursday was my night with my friend(s). He never asked to tag along and I never invited him to. While I'm sitting at a table with my friends, talking about girl stuff, no one's boyfriend needs to be there. It's as simple as that.

There was one week when I invited someone new to come to dinner with us (hey, listen, Thursdays at Chili's might as well be a gang, okay?) and this girl was not at the table for more than 20 minutes before her boyfriend called and said he was in the parking lot. My reaction?

Moral of the story: There is a time and a place to have your boyfriend tag along, but going out to dinner to catch up with your friends is not one of them. He'll survive. Bring him home your leftovers.

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