Whatever Wednesdays: Third Edition

Oh, fancy seeing you here.

So this week's topic is: "If you could live in a different decade, what would it be, and why?" The answer is simple for me - I wish I could have been alive during the 1950s. More specifically, to be in my late teens/early 20s during that time.

This is going to sound bat shit crazy, and I trust that you're all sitting down right now, but one of the main reasons why I love this era is because of the fashion. WHAT? Stop. Did you spit your coffee out? I apologize. However, it's the truth.

No, I'm not talking about poodle skits. I'm talking about outfits like this:


And bathing suits like this:

And don't even get me started on how much I love Miss Audrey's pants/flats combo:

But, aside from the fashion, I love the 1950s culture in general - suburbia, the music, hell, even the advertisements - I love it all. Maybe I relate because I feel like I grew it up in the 1990's version of "Leave it to Beaver." Who knows, but sometimes I feel like I'm living in the wrong decade.