Check yo self.

Last week Whitney did this post - basically, it's a life report card. I loved the idea so much that I'm doing it myself. I also have been told that I don't reveal too many personal details on the blog, so maybe this will give you a better insight into who I am. Or, maybe this will make you think I'm crazy.

Testing my limits with dairy: A+++++++

Sarcasm: A++

Cleaning the litter box every single day: B+

Thinking before I speak: C+ (I'm working on it)

Being lovable: D+ (Also working on this)

Watching YouTube videos for hours and hours: A+

Shaving my legs past my knees on a daily basis: D

Trolling Pinterest when I should be doing more productive things: A

Making recipes I find on Pinterest: B-

Swearing without realizing it: A

Returning phone calls: C-

Telling people how I really feel: F

Tweeting: A

Pretending to hate Taylor Swift when, in reality, I listen to her music a lot: B-

Returning Tupperware containers to my mother: F

Responding to every blog comment via email: C (I have to get better at this)

Now, quick! Go grade your life so I can judge you like you just judged me.