Five Things.

Really this stood for 5 pitchers, but what's it to ya?

{five things I have a passion for}
1. Learning. At any age, you should always be learning.
2. My friends and family - standard, right? But important none the less.
3. Alone time, because I need it to recharge.
4. Music. From Mumford and Sons to Britney Spears to Eminem to Kenny Chesney to Fleetwood Mac to Frank Sinatra ...everything. Music is everything.
5. Finding my own happiness. It's not easy.

{five things I'd like to do before I die}
1. Buy a lake house, not too far from where I live so I can go there on the weekends in both the summer and the winter.
2. Learn how to snowboard (Whitney, I'm looking at you)
3. Road trip it across the country.
4.  Learn another language (ie: Italian)
5. I guess this is where I should say get married and have kids? So, yeah. Maybe that.

{five books or magazines I've read lately}
1. The Great Gatsby (still need to see the friggin movie!)
2. Bossypants
3. CB2 (and drooled all over it)
4. The Fault in Our Stars (can I get a what what for Miss Hazel Grace)
5. Us Weekly

{five favorite movies}
1. You've Got Mail (again and again and again...)
2. Wedding Crashers (I quote this movie a lot, so if you've never watched it, I hate you)
3. Goodfellas
4. Step Brothers (see: what I wrote about Wedding Crashers)
5. Katy Perry: A Part of Me (duh)

{five places I'd love to travel to}
1. Italy (and all of Europe, pretty much)
2. Australia
3. Utah
4. Nashville (and then I'll stay forever)
5. Rio de Janeiro (to see that creepy statue and say, "Hey! Stop being so creepy!")

PS: I stole this from Brooke Lyn. Check her out!
PPS: I tag all of you hoes. Do it. Do it.