Blogtember: This one time...

Today I'm supposed to tell you about a time my life took a turn. I was going to be a huge asshole and record myself taking a turn while I was driving to work, but an early morning thunderstorm meant I had to focus on the road.

So, I guess that means I'll get a little serious for a minute.

My life took a turn after I graduated with my Associate's Degree from a local community college. I was going to school to be a teacher, but wasn't sure if that's what I really wanted to do. Before graduation, I was working on getting everything together so that I could transfer to a four year school. I quickly learned that they would only take half of my credits and I would have to go there for 3 years, instead of 2, like I had planned.

This was also the day that I went to an ice cream place, asked for a small twist with rainbow sprinkles (what I've ordered since I was a child) and they told me they didn't have rainbow sprinkles.

What devil ice cream stand doesn't carry rainbow sprinkles? I had a meltdown. PUN INTENDED.

Anyway, after I calmed down, I saw this as an opportunity to change my major and get my Bachelor's Degree in something that I was truly interested in. I ended up switching to Public Communications.

Turns out, now I work at a place where I use both my communications background and my education background. So, you're welcome Dad, for putting both of my degrees to good use.