Blogtember: Where I Come From.

Well, I hope you all own ice skates...hell froze over. And by that, I mean, Shay has convinced me yet again to play along with this blog (almost) every day challenge. I say almost because we get weekends off this time. Oh, how nice.

Today's topic is where I come from - the places/people/factors etc. And here we go.

I live in Upstate New York. Where is that, you ask? Well, good question, inquisitive asshole - since every New Yorker has a different idea of what "Upstate" really is. Here's my break down:

When I say I live in New York, everyone assumes the city. In reality, this is what my New York looks like:

My hertiage is mixed ...but I cling to my Italian roots the most.  Probably because I live in a small town, full of Italians. No, seriously, if you don't have a vowel at the end of your last name, you should probably leave (side eyes, Kelsey).

I can't go to the grocery store without running into people I know. Going to a bar in town on any given Friday or Saturday or Wednesday night is pretty much a high school reunion. I avoid both at all costs.

But as much as everyone likes to bitch about this place (present company included) I have to admit that it was a great place to grow up. The biggest downside? Dating.

Ohhh, dating. When you meet someone you're interested in, the first thing you need to do is call your mother, tell her the last name of said person, and verify that you're not related to them.

I'm 100% serious. The odds of being related to your crush are pretty high 'round here.

If you're lucky enough to meet someone you're not related to, you then have to deal with the fact that they've probably dated/slept with/hooked up in some way with one of your friends. This has gotten increasingly difficult to avoid as I've gotten older.

What's the best part of this little town (which is actually a city)? The fact that Shay and Whitney will be here in 8 weeks and I'll be able to show them around this hot mess of a place.

Oh, and (per Kelsey's comment below) here's a video of the time that Steve Carell visited my small little town. No joke, guys. No Joke.