This girl.

Not too many people can remember the first conversation they ever have with someone, but when you "meet" a blogger for a first time, it's documented in comments and emails. It's nice to be able to go back and read old comments and emails. I did just that yesterday...

She did stalk me and the rest is blog history. Today is Shay's birthday, and I kinda love that our birthdays are back to back. I've always thought as the day after my birthday as a sad day, kind of like the day after Christmas; all that excitement, and now it's over.

Well, not anymore. And there isn't anyone else I would rather pass the birthday torch to.


There are parts of Shay and I that are very similar, and there are parts of us that are very different. But instead of our differences coming in between our friendship, they bring us together. In many cases (especially recently) she has been my voice of reason. She is persistent with her support (of me knowing my worth, of me buying that iMac) but respects that it takes me a while to work things out on my own.

She's the best friend a girl could ask for.

Shay and Whitney bought their plane tickets and will be spending time with me in my corner of the world in about 4 weeks. There are no words to describe how excited I am. And to think it all started with a comment about sitting on bathroom sinks.

For the record, our comments are much different these days. She called me a lesbian a couple weeks ago, and I'm still bringing it up every chance I get.

Happy Birthday, Shay. Have a wonderful day. Have a wonderful year. You deserve it.