Who I am at 27.

A couple weeks ago, Kelsey and I were waiting for spin class to start and we started talking about my birthday. I said, "27 will be great. It has to be." Then Kelsey said, "Isn't that what you said about 26?"


I have said it a lot...on the blog, in person, etc. 26 was my golden year, and I thought that meant great things were destined to happen. And for a while, it felt like they were. I found a new job that I enjoy. I made drastic changes to my personal life that felt wrong at first, but ended up being the right move.

I put a lot of pressure on 26. I won't be doing the same for 27.

I came to that conclusion yesterday, when Jes sent me a, "HAPPY DAY BEFORE YOUR BARFDAY" email. (Have I mentioned how much I love that girl?) And I said to her, "Last day of 26. I put too much pressure on 26. I'm putting no pressure on 27." And so it goes...

At 27, I'm a disgustingly positive person for the first time in my entire life.

At 27, I like to be surrounded by people who make me laugh. More so, I like to surround myself with people who I can make laugh. I know I'm not good at certain things (parallel parking, tweeting without typos, math) (just to name a few). I know my shortcomings and I'll be the first to tell you about them.

However, I know I'm witty, and quick, and I know I can crack a fucking joke. And I realize now more than ever (or should I say, I realized a few months ago) that if someone doesn't appreciate that, they can get to steppin'.

At 27, nothing makes me smile more than when someone says, "That's so you!" or "I know you'll love it!" It takes time and a certain type of person to get to know me on that level. And I appreciate anyone who sticks around long enough to figure me out.

Or, as K. Perry would say, I appreciate anyone who "believes in my weirdness."

Tonight I'm choosing to celebrate my birthday with 1 hour of spin, followed by a half hour of body work. Remember when I used to celebrate #ThirstyThursday every week? Times ...they are a-changin'.

So, here we go. 27, day 1. No pressure.