About that Tumblr thing...

Are you sitting down? Probably. Okay, good. So, I've decided to start another blog.

Well, not a blog, blog ...but I've decided to occasionally use my Tumblr page as a second blog. As a place where I can be a bit more serious. A place where I can be a little bit more honest with those things I hate talking about...you know, feelings. Ick.

This will always be my baby, and it will always come first. But there are a few posts I have saved as drafts that I would love to post here, but I won't. This has always been my happy place, so to speak. I never wanted to scroll back through my posts and read about this guy or that situation or anything that happened that upset me. That was never the purpose of this blog.

In fact, Kelsey (like the troll that she is) was going through some of my old posts last week and commented on a few of them. I haven't gone back and read anything in a while, but as I was laughing at the posts she was finding, I thought, "Mission accomplished." This is still a fun place to be (I hope).

But the thing is, just because I don't write about certain things here, doesn't mean I'm not going through them. And since writing as always been my outlet, I find myself drafting post after post that never see the light of day. I was okay with it for a while, until I realized how other people's words and posts have helped me (especially recently) and it would be nice if I could do that for someone else.

So, don't feel like you need to ever read what happens over there -- and honestly, my Tumblr will still be pictures or other quotes for the most part, but once in a while, my words will show up there.

Feel free to show up there, too.