Things That Currently Make Me Happy and Why (part one)

Let's pretend this is the first of many posts like this, okay?
But don't hold me to it, because I'm terrible with follow through.

1. This song:

Because unlike some trolls, I appreciate iTunes radio. It's helped me discover new songs/artists, this being one of them. It's been on repeat in my car/in my house for about two weeks now.

2. This post (well, Meg Fee in general) (seriously, check her out if you haven't already)

Because I know what's like to try to make it work with someone even though there were red flags from the beginning. And even though my gut told me from the oh, I don't know, first date, that things didn't seem right, I still stuck around for months. Lesson learned, I guess?

3. This photo:

Found here.

Because this is the face I'm making on the inside when I'm forced to make small talk. Remember that.

4. This video:


Because I love the "bleep" sound. I don't know why, but it makes me laugh harder than I do when I can actually hear the swear word. Yes, swear word - not curse word. Get it right, get it tight.

5. This cat meme:

Because what kind of devil human are you if that doesn't make you laugh?

If these things don't make you happy, then get out of here, Michael Vick.