Things That Currently Make Me Happy and Why (part two)

1. This song:

Because most of The Civil Wars' songs make me want to take a knife to my wrist, but this one is golden. A little angry, a little haunting, but still a great song to spin to. YES, I heard it for the first time at a spin class - can y'all dig it?

2. This post:

Because even though I don't agree with the entire post, the girl has some great points. I can't subscribe to tuna fish and barbeque sauce, though. And I hope you can't either.

3. This photo:

Found here.

Because I love nothing more than a threat left on a vending machine, in what appears to be a child's handwriting, but is probably that of a 45 year old man.

4. This video:

Because...Flula! Need I say more?

5. This meme:

Because if you don't get this reference, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Check out part one here. This could be a weekly thing, but don't hold your breath.
Or, hold your breath and pass out. I don't know your life.