Things That Currently Make Me Happy and Why (part three)

1. This song:

Because I love every word of it. And the melody. And the fact that it's with my girl, Katy Perry. I listen to this a few times a day...I can't get enough. Check it out.

2. This post. And this post.

Because those two girls are going to be in New York, hanging out with me, in less than a freakin week. I can't even handle it. And I still need to clean!

3. This photo:
Found here.

Because Mamrie is my girl. And because she used the caption, "He's so fuckin into me."

4. This video:

Because I still watch this...daily. And can I marry him, please?

5.  This meme:

Because I can (clap) not (clap) help myself when it comes to cat memes on Pinterest. I'm obsessed, and I'm not afraid to say it. Whatever, judge me.