Things That Currently Make Me Happy and Why (Part Four)

1. This song:

Because...well, it's Katy Perry. And because even though her songs sometimes sound corny, the lyrics always hit home with me. Truth be told, I've been listening to her new album non-stop.

2. This post:

Because I've decided that's going to be my happy place ...where I go when I need a good laugh. And, hell, how I wish I had the courage to do that.

3. This photo:

From here.

Because it's the first real picture of the 3 of us...even though someone was feeling camera/life shy.

4. This video:

Because I can't stop quoting this, and I like yelling things like, "GET A DIFFERENT FACE AND BODY!" at unsuspecting strangers. Or my friends.

5. This tweet:

Because he's funny and I like funny.