A Close Encounter.

On our way to visit Michelle, Kelsey and I made a quick stop to see Brandywine Falls. While we were trying to figure out how to get there, a woman stopped us and said she was also looking for the falls. We made some small talk and explained that we were from New York. She thought she knew how to get there, and offered to let us follow her and her friend in our car.

So, naturally, Kelsey and I got back in our car and played a little game called, "Worst Case Scenario."

It went a little something like this:

"They are going to lead us to a dead end, and we're going to get jumped by people in the woods."

"They are going to push us into the falls."

"Remember that guy who had the girls in his basement? Wasn't that in Ohio?"

Well, they did lead us to a dead end. And there was a guy (a cute one, actually) in the woods, but no one jumped us. Instead we Googled the correct address, offered to let them follow us, and then sped up the road until we lost them.

They eventually caught up. 

As the woman got out of her car, I took off running. Kelsey froze as if there was a police spotlight on her. While I was trying to remember what pocket my cell phone was in, the woman yelled, "We're not going to walk down to the falls, but I just wanted to say welcome to Ohio!" 

And that's the story of how two girls from New York discovered that Midwestern people are nice.

Not serial killers.