Spending QT With Fellow Bloggers.

...because, hey, I can finally write a post like this!

Many of you have made the leap from blog friends to IRL friends, and I've read along with the good, the bad, and the embarrassing (sorry) (nope, not sorry) stories with a little bit of jealous rage.

Okay, a lot of jealous rage.

Here are a few of my thoughts, now that I've had the privilege of meeting Whitney, Shay, and Michelle.

I really was having a good time. I was just being an ass about it.

1. Like most things in life, the first time is the scariest.

Whitney took the brunt of my freak out*, since she arrived in New York before Shay. Or, maybe I should say that Kelsey took the brunt of it, since I used her as a human shield while Whitney made her way toward us. Within two minutes, I was back to normal - well, as normal as I can be.

It's an insanely bizarre feeling - having never been in the same room (or state, for that matter) with someone who you know so much about, and who knows so much about you. It's become somewhat of a normalcy in my life, with brief moments of, "I know more about people I've never met, than I do about people I grew up with."

2. I would rather pack than clean.

After having people at my house, and then going to visit someone else, I decided that I would much rather drive for ten hours in one day, than entertain people at my house for a week. NOW, BEFORE YOU GET PISSY, HERE ME OUT. No one did anything wrong, okay? It's the pressure that I put on myself when people are coming to my house - especially people who have never been there before. I feel like I can't relax because I'm constantly thinking, "Are they having a good time?" "Are they thirsty?" "Is the litter box clean?" Luckily, Whitney, Shay, and I got the hang of co-existing pretty quickly.

The pressure was off of me, and on Michelle (well, hopefully not!) when Kelsey and I went to visit her. Knowing what it feels like to be in her shoes, Kelsey and I made sure that Michelle knew we didn't need any kind of special attention. There was even a litter box moment when Michelle said, "I was worried about the litter box being in the guest bathroom, but then I figured Alissa must know what it's like to have litter stuck to the bottom of her feet." TRUTH.

3. Leaving sucks.

There's really no other way to put it.

Sad about the JT concert being over, with a side of sad about living 10 hours away from each other.

Have you met blog friends in real life? What was that like for you?

*I should note that I provide little to no reaction to most things. Half because it takes a while for something to register with me (I'm talking days, weeks even) and half because there are very few things that surprise/shock me. My biggest freak out with Whitney and Shay was when I realized Red Robin turned my favorite sandwich into a salad.