Stream of Consciousness.

1. My right tonsil has been enlarged for about ...oh, six years now, and sometimes food gets stuck back there (disgusting, I know). Last week, I had Smartfood popcorn with lunch, and sure enough, part of a kernel wedged itself back there and has refused to leave ever since. I've tried fishing it out with my finger (almost made myself throw up), brushing it out with my toothbrush, and even sweet talking it, but the sucker isn't going anywhere*.

2. I have to reset the clock on my work computer 2-3 times every day. It doesn't just jump ahead a minute or two - it jumps ahead SEVEN MINUTES. There's a big difference between 4:57 and 4:50.

3. My plans for this weekend include: taking down my Halloween decorations (judge me for still having them up, I dare ya) and replacing them with Christmas decorations, being DD for my brother and sister-in-law, and learning how to make my mother's sauce.

4. What if I moved to Brooklyn?

5. Someone told me that they read an article about the worst celebrities to work with, and John Krasinski was on the list. Apparently, he's a dick, and I'm way more upset than I should be about this.

6. I still have not started season 5 of Breaking Bad - I don't want it to ever end, okay? In other news, I'm 99.9% sure Kelsey and I saw Heisenberg in Michelle's apartment complex when we were leaving. He had the hat, the sunglasses, the earth tones wardrobe, and was holding a mysterious fast food bag. I'm half considering never watching the last season, and just going about my life believing that Walter White joined the Witness Protection Program and now resides in Columbus, Ohio.

7. In the beginning on September, I paid $189 for 3 months of unlimited spinning. I did the math (ew) and in the past 3 months, I've gone to $756 worth of classes. I think I'm addicted.

8. I have two curio cabinets on either side of my computer desk and I really - REALLY - want to paint them. They were my grandmother's, but I inherited them when she moved into a nursing home earlier this year. I ran the idea past my mother, and while she didn't say no, she didn't love the color I suggested (probably in the turquoise family, or maybe something entirely different). Maybe if I let her help me decide on a color, she won't hate me for painting them.

9. I'm extremely excited for Thanksgiving. I love mashed potatoes - mainly because I never, ever make them for myself, and Thanksgiving is one of the few times a year my mother makes them. One year, she left my father in charge of them and they were terrible - never again! What's your favorite dish?

10. I'm having a Christmas party at my house on December 14th and everything I do from now until then will be in preparation it - I even made a stupid Facebook event for it, and I've never (ever) done that before. Need my hair cut? Better do it before the party! Need to clothes shop? Have to get a new outfit for that party! Not sure how I will go about my life after the party is over.

11a. I think about In-N-Out a lot. A lot, a lot. I've never had it, or been in a state that has it. I'm getting tired of people saying that it's just a fast food place. Well, New York City is just a city - unless you've never been there, then it's New York FREAKIN City and I need to go right now. So, bascially what I'm saying is, In-N-Out to me is what NYC is to some people - which might not make any sense, but this here's my blog and you can leave if you don't like it.

11b. I'm still a little bit PMS-y.

11c. And I think In-N-Out would cure that PMS.

12. Will my nose ever stop running at the most inconvenient times?

(this post was inspired by this video. and this video, too.)

*Update: I got it out. Sweet, sweet freedom.