Things That Currently Make Me Happy and Why (Part Five)

1. This song:

Because Kelsey got me on The Avett Brother's train hardcore this week. And this song breaks my heart 8 different ways every time I listen to it.

2. This post:

Because it features the first of many vlogs you'll see from the 3 of us. Stay tuned!

3. This photo:

Found here.

Because the caption is, "My dog hates periods as much as I do." That caused a legit elle oh elle.

4. This video:

Because it inspired a game I call, "Six Degrees of Pizza." It's like "Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon" except you ground everything in pizza, instead of Mr. Kevin Bacon. Kelsey and I like to play it. You should play it with us sometime.

5. This video/song (again):

Because I told you I've been on a kick…and this song - live - is everything to me.