Things That Currently Make Me Happy and Why (Part Six)

1. This song:

Because I'll be slow clapping the shit out of it on Saturday night with Kelsey and Michelle. This song was on repeat in my car all summer long. I didn't care if people could see me rocking out - I sang every word at the top of my lungs.

Meg Fee does it again! Because the paragraph starting with, "I'm so angry with him..." and the two short paragraphs following, put into words feelings that I haven't been able to.

3. This photo:

Because yes, that's my own Instagram photo. And yes, I'm fangirling myself. BUT, I'm also fangirling the comments, because they made me laugh and laugh on Sunday morning (after I forgot I posted this picture Saturday night).

4. This video:

Because I forgot to mention Kelsey and I will not only being seeing Justin in the flesh with Michelle this weekend, we will be seeing him again in July. He's coming to our area and we will be getting tickets for round two!

5. This tweet:

Because just when I thought I couldn't love Tiff anymore than I already do, she goes and does this. And then tweets about it. Tiff, you're amazing, and I love that it was a tall can.