Things That Currently Make Me Happy and Why (Part Seven)

1. This song:

Because I love her voice ...and this song is amazing. Just listen to the lyrics, would ya?

2. This tumblr.

Because she gets it. From the pictures to the quotes, I cannot stop reblogging her stuff. I should write her a nice note and explain that I'm not a crazy person. Some of those pictures make me miss a place I've never been to.

3a. This photo:

From my Instagram, here.

Because that's Justin (mother effing) Timberlake, and I took that myself. Oh, here I go again, fangirling my own pictures, but how can I not?

3b. This tweet:

Because...lolz. So true, Kelsey, so true. How dare you tweet that two feet away from me, and not give me any warning of its amazingness.

4. This video:

Because...lolz, again. Sorry, Grace, but you'll never top this Thanksgiving video, so don't even try. "Barefoot Contessa must have such strong forearms...and you know it's not from jerking off Jeffery." I lose it every time.

5. These boots:

Found here.

Because they are on their way to me! And if they are anything less than fantastic, I'm going to burn the world down. Or just eat my feelings. It could go either way, really.