Alissa Lately.

{I stole these prompts from Michelle!}

Anticipating: 2014. And the fact that, "Going to the gym more often!" isn't on my list of resolutions. I already spin 5 days a week, and if I went more than that, I'd die.

Practicing: How to make my bangs look like the way my hair dresser does them after I get my hair cut. It's impossible. I might as well just grow them out.

Listening to: 

 Sweet Annie by Zac Brown Band on Grooveshark

Wanting: My new phone! Oh, did you hear that I dropped my phone in the toilet over the weekend? Yeah...that's why there aren't any pictures from THE PARTY I had at my house. My phone survived, but it spent the night in a bowl of rice. I was planning on getting a new one for Christmas anyway, but now I'm feeling impatient since my lock button is jammed.

Watching: I'm currently in season 5 of The Office, and I'm trying to figure out which show I should watch next. I don't want to start anything that has a lot of seasons, so I'm thinking maybe Homeland?

Needing: two hours ago.

Smelling: Not a whole lot!

Wearing: Black pants, black shirt, and a leopard print scarf. Did you know that leopard is a neutral?

Drinking: Water...always water.

Reading: Kelly Oxford's "Everything is Perfect When You're a Liar" ...or, at least I'm trying to. The first few chapters were good, but now I find myself skipping entire paragraphs. She's great on Twitter - maybe she should just stick to that.

Feeling: So much sinus pressure on the right side of my face/head.

Loving: Signing into Tumblr and seeing that Kelsey tagged me in this post:


Have I ever mentioned how much I love older men? I do. They understand the importance of a nice pair of jeans, and good shoes, and manners. But the important thing to remember is that even though they might be older than you, it doesn't mean that they won't act like children from time to time.

Hating: The store that sells my favorite kind of e-cig is so out of the way of everything. Look away, Tiffany, LOOK AWAY.

Planning: My outfit for this weekend. What? Alissa planning on outfit? Trust me, I have to plan ahead or else I will spend an hour trying on different shirts, only to wear the first one I put on. I have two Christmas parties to go to on Saturday, so I don't have any time to dick around.

Missing: Oh, fuck. A certain older man, who has nice jeans, and shoes, and...

Enjoying: The last week of all things merry and bright.

Wishing: I had a job offer and a roommate waiting for me in Brooklyn.

Thankful: For Monday morning emails from friends.