I was stalking people on Facebook yesterday It was brought to my attention that some people are choosing to have their weddings recorded and then turned into a documentary of sorts. I've heard of people hiring videographers to record the ceremony, but it appears some people are taking it a step further and are actually being interviewed for the damn thing.

But what about the people who were feeling left out because they weren't invited to the wedding? Isn't this like a big, "Sorry we didn't invite you, but here is some great HD footage of people who did make the cut!" slap in the face?

Anyway. Because I'm such a nice person, I've thought of a few slogans wedding videographers can use to promote this new business venture. Here we go...

Wedding Videos: For people who didn't meet on, but still want a chance at a talking head segment so they can describe the proposal!

Wedding Videos:
Because that awkward picture of the bride putting on one of her earrings makes an even better video!

Wedding Videos: Because that shot of the groomsmen drinking beers and smoking cigarettes before the ceremony should be on film for your future kids to see!

Wedding Videos: Just in case MTV calls and wants you to star in Newlyweds 2 - you need material for your opening sequence!

Wedding Videos: Because everyone is so comfortable in front of a camera!

JK. You're awkward. STOP IT.

Also, your wedding video will never be as good as this one, and that marriage ended in divorce, so.

Happy Friday, kids! I'm done being an asshole...until Monday.

(A special thanks to Tiff Gee for inspiring the title of this post!)