Five Things.

What I'm eating: Nothing yet! I usually wait until 10-10:30am to make my oatmeal. OCD habits die hard.

What I'm listening to: Well, I listened to the Hanson Christmas CD on my way to work. Can you believe I've had that thing since 1997? Now I'm listening to my co-worker talk about her kids who have the "pukes and poops." Ugh...children. The worst.

What I like seeing: Christmas movies on my TV! Yesterday I watched Just Friends and The Family Stone. I only watch those once around Christmas each year, so it's kind of like seeing them for the first time all over again. It's the little things!

What I like smelling: Candles...and real Christmas trees. I was at a party on Saturday night and the whole house smelled amazing! I don't even know what kind of candle was burning, but I loved it. And if you have a real tree, expect me to stand with my face in it for a few minutes.

What I like feeling: Emotions!

Happy Monday, y'all.