Guilty Pleasures.

1. Listening to the same song on repeat. For hours. Lately it's been this version of "All My Mistakes" by The Avett Brothers. I'm pretty sure Nico knows all the lyrics by heart. And I'm pretty sure he's judging me for listening to that song, despite the fact that there's no one in my life to apply it to. (Listen to the lyrics, you'll understand.)

2. Vanderpump Rules. I broke up Bravo, remember? Except, I'm totally sneaking around with Vanderpump Rules. I haven't watched the episode from this week yet, but I'm already sad because I feel like the season is almost over with.

3. Reading people's online dating stories. I can't stop myself. I'm equally horrified and fascinated; it's like reading a real life version of 50 Shades (and the writing is typically just as bad). I have a feeling I'll end up joining Match or eHarmony, and I compare reading these stories to reading reviews before I purchase something, ya know? Oh, dear lord, just shoot me now before I pay money to get rejected.

4. Looking for job openings in New York City. I'm not even going to get into that.

5. Blatantly ignoring people I know in public. This is less of a guilty pleasure, and more of a skill I should add to my resume.

6. Lyrics that loop through my head. "Back of the club, takin' shots, gettin' naughty!" goes through my head roughly 29 times a day.

Quick, tell me your guilty pleasures so I can feel better about mine.