Stream of Consciousness: Part Two!

1. I've followed this one vegan blogger for a while now. Don't ask me why - maybe just because I'm fascinated by a lifestyle that is so different than mine. She has a child, so by default, the child is vegan. And I secretly hope her child grows up, tries meat, and loves it. I don't know why, but I think about that a lot more than I should.

2. I really would like to deactivate my Facebook account, but it's the only way I can keep in touch with family members who live in different states. In other news, I have family(ish) members who live 5 minutes away from me, who have no problem deleting me from their friends' list. I'm confused. I rarely post anything! How could I bother someone that much? Anyway, Christmas should be fun.

3. Frames are expensive. I have two prints that I bought while I was in Ohio, and I still haven't hung them up because I can't justify spending $30-40 on a frame. That might not seem like a lot to you, but damnit, that's a lot of money for something that will just hang on my wall.

4. I hate to dust.

5. Speaking of cleaning, there are many perks to living alone, but having to clean my entire house by myself is not one of them. I have dark hardwood in the majority of my house, and that is such a bitch to keep clean. Having three cats doesn't help.

6. Kelsey and I, along with Kate and Michelle, will be headed to Brooklyn in March to see The Avett Brothers. They are coming to the Barclays Center with Old Crow Medicine Show and I cannot contain my excitement. I saw Old Crow Medicine Show over the summer when I went to Canada to see Mumford and Sons, and they were great. Not everyone loves a countdown, but 77 days, y'all.

7. Have you guys met Kerri yet? A couple months ago she told me she can see The Wizarding World of Harry Potter from her office window, and I've been green with jealous rage ever since. Aside from that (I can't see shit from my office window!), we have entirely too much in common. Head on over to her blog, if you haven't already!

8. Speaking of fellow bloggers - I've been trying my damndest to get out there and find new blogs to read. It isn't easy, folks. I'm not into anything wedding/child related, and while I do love a good recipe, I'd prefer to actually read a post, instead of drool all over it. Any suggestions?

9. I've noticed a few new faces around these parts. Hi, hello, to you!

10. I'm really good about remembering to put lotion on after I get out of the shower, but my skin is still so itchy. I'm using lotion that worked for me last year, but it doesn't seem to be working for me now. HELP.

11a. These two!

11b. The other night I was on Tumblr looking up John Mayer stuff, and was about to watch that video when Jes texted me the link to it and told me to report back. We share an inappropriate brain, I tell ya.

12. This face should be an emoji: