Things I'm not proud of...

1. The amount of time I've spent on GOMI the past few days. I'm late to this game, considering I didn't even know what that website was until a few months ago, but damn...some of those comments slay me.

2. I bought a jean shirt. And yes, I will continue to call it a jean shirt, because I cannot bring myself to say "chambray." Also, I'm not entirely sure how to properly pronounce it. For now, I'm wearing the shirt half ironically/half because I've given up. I blame Grace Helbig.

3. The amount sappy shit I'm posting on Tumblr. But if I can't be sappy on Tumblr, WHERE CAN I BE SAPPY?

4. It's been two weeks and my house is still only half decorated for Christmas. I swear I'm in the Christmas spirit! I listened to "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" on repeat for two hours last weekend (not kidding) (it's so catchy) but I can't focus on decorating to save my life.

5. I watched the entire third season of The Office in one day. Plus a few episodes from season two, and season four. So, that explains #4.

6. I've taken to openly scratching my boobs in public. Calm down, I keep my clothes on. Dry skin is real bitch, and I used to hid behind things (like menus while out to eat) (or end caps in Target), but now I just go for it, because GOD DAMNIT, I'M A WOMAN. Some women breast feed in public, for fuck's sake.

7. This post. Or, maybe, you shouldn't be proud of the fact that you're reading it.