Things I'm Seriously Considering Getting.

1. A nose ring. Every guy I've said this to has told me no way. Every girl has said to do it. Since I'm into guys, not girls, I've held off on it. But damnit, I want it.

2. Hair extensions. Because I'll never achieve this look...

...without the help of fake hairs. Whitney! I'm asking for a friend...

2b. Light pink hair.  See also, the above photo.

3. Rid of cable. Follow me? I know I've mentioned it before, but I think I might actually do it. I just have to get my parent's TWC password, so I can watch Vanderpump Rules on my iPad.


4. A new car. My current car has almost 139,000 miles on it and there are times I'm scared it's not going to get me from Point A to Point B (aka from work to spin, cause where else do I go?). If I get rid of cable, what I paid for that could be used for a car payment. Being an adult blows.

5. Another cat. Haha, just kitten with you. Maybe.