Good stuff {January Edition}

DailyGrace used to do this thing on the last Friday of every month.
She called it her "Sexist" I think? Her list of sexy things. Or something like that.

Basically it was a video talking about her favorite items that she purchased/used that month

But since DailyGrace is no more...
(or she could totally do a video like this tomorrow, on her new channel)
I decided to do something similar (or exactly like it) on my blog the last Thursday of the month.
(or at least just today)

I fully intend on bringing back "My Week in Gifs."
Which is a Friday thing, and why I chose to do this today instead of tomorrow.

Okay, enough talk.

1. I had no idea what Lush was until I went to Mohegan Sun with Mills and she told me about their bath bombs.
This lip scrub was a drunk purchase, but the best one I have ever made.
It gets rid of all of the nasty dead skin on your lips, and you can eat it!
But don't - cause it kind of makes you sick to your stomach.

2. I lost my eyeliner a few weekends ago when I was drunk - classic Alissa.
And when I went to Target to buy a new one, they were out of it.
Cue this stuff.
It's cheap (all e.l.f. products are) and it works. I could not ask for more.

3. Lolz. It's a perfume by Britney Spears.
But I have never gotten more compliments!
I always say, "Thanks, it's Britney Spears. lolz. It's vanilla-y."
Too bad vanilla isn't part of it. Just learned that. I'll stop saying that now.
(Maybe it's the musk I'm smelling? I'm so dumb.)

4. That's the Vine logo, for any of you who don't recognize it.
I downloaded the app back onto my phone last week.
Which was a mistake, since I was sick and every time I laughed, I coughed for 5 minutes.
But so worth it in the long run.
Follow me here. I won't post much, but I will like and/or re-vine all of my favorites.

This post was exhausting. We'll see if I have the energy to do it again in February. Or ever.