I was gone for a minute, ohhhhh!

I was sick for the better part of last week,
and had zero desire to write, so pardon my absence around here.

I went to work, tried to forget I felt like death for 8 hours,
and then went home immediately after.
Which is something that I haven't done in forever,
since I go to spin (pretty much) every night...
cause I'm like, a little bit better than you.


So, in true "I don't act like a responsible adult" fashion,
I spent last week coughing up a lung, and then spent Saturday at a softball tournament ON ICE.

Yes, you read that correctly.
Grown men (and some women) played softball on a frozen lake.
Us country folk - we're so GD creative.

But I didn't get any pictures of that,
since I was only out there for about 15 minutes,
and the thought of taking my hand out of my glove to snap a photo,
was not-fucking-happening.

However, I did stay long enough to spill my raspberry hot chocolate everywhere.

Also long enough for my friend to say, "If the ice breaks and you fall in, it's only about 4ft of water!"

We all survived.

And quickly headed to a little townie bar (!! my favorite kind)
and warmed up with some cold beers.

Kelsey even ventured out to meet all of my crazy friends,
which rivaled having to introduce a boyfriend to my parents.
Something I avoid doing by simply not having boyfriends.

She was nice enough to take the above photo of Mills, myself, and our friend Jill.
And then criticize for me for the next five minutes for "smizing" in it.

Side note: "Smizing" is one of the main things I retained from watching way too much America's Next Top Model as a teenager.
That, and you have to "pat your weave" if it's itchy. Hashtag, life lessons.

Sunday was spent watching Big Love,
a show that Mills has been watching recently, and I decided to give it a shot.
I kinda love it. More on that another day.

I stayed awake to mentally throw shade on about an hour of the Grammys.
I've decided that it is my least favorite awards show.
I love music, but musicians are fucking weird people, man.

And that's how my life has been lately.
How are y'all doing?